Tutorial: Interactive web graphics with R and googleVis

Markus Gesmann, googleVis Project and Diego de Castillo, googleVis Project


The googleVis package [1,2] provides an interface between R [3] and the Google Chart Tools [4] to create interactive charts which can be embedded into web pages. The best known of these charts is probably the Motion Chart, popularised by Hans Rosling in his TED talks [5]. This tutorial will give an overview of the package and explain in detail how the functions can be applied to generate interactive charts for web pages and how it can be used as part of a reproducible research workflow, e.g. in combination with knitr [6] and pandoc [7].




Participants should have a knowledge of standard R functions and some experience of HTML. Participants are welcome to bring their own laptops and datasets to explore graphical analyses for themselves, especially in the discussion sessions.

Workshop Materials

Datasets used in the examples will be available for downloading in June. The slides used in the course will be available as download for participants at the course.

Related Links

[1] R Journal, 3(2):40‐44, December 2011 (Using the Google Visualisation API with R)
[3] http://www.r‐
[5] en.html